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Research And Development

Quality control and Assurance

We strictly comply with international statutory and regulatory requirements, and our products are well-known for their safety, value and quality. Our well-equipped laboratories have experienced and veteran QC teams that are well versed in testing the quality parameters such as active compounds, solvent residues, moistures, heavy metals, microbiology, pesticides and toxins. Final product analysis is performed with a high degree of accuracy, standardization and quality evaluation as per GMP standards. Our quality control department contains different analytical instruments like HPLC, GC, LCMS, GCMS, AAS etc. We are also proud of the excellent working environment we have created where employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and convey their own ideas to the team so that everyone can work together to achieve the desired outcome. 


Quality and Food safety policies

We engage in the finest practice of quality control management. We have different stages of quality control systems, as a part of our “Plant to Product” program. To ensure the overall quality management, our QC team constantly monitor the complete production cycles include pre-processing, in-processing, post-processing and storage. We focus on maintaining quality and food safety by setting a detailed risk assessment procedure in our system and update our processes as a part of continual improvement. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard in quality and food safety by meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers and complying with the latest quality and global food safety management systems.

Technology and Innovation

Our technology is easily customisable according to our clients’ needs and it provides a quick and reliable service that meets their expectations and demands with the support of modern machinery and an advanced processing facility. Our skilled research and development team constantly work on innovative solutions and support for our clients in order to deliver impeccable quality and cost-effective products.

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