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Culinary Arts

Anthocyanin is at your service to create products that appeal to all the senses.


Creating attractive products in color, taste and texture

Whether you’re creating an appetiser, soup, sauce or a prepared meal, we can help you address consumers’ needs for better taste experiences, simpler ingredients and products.

Packaged food has a giant share in the market, so the latest and best ingredients are necessary to stay on top of the competition. When it comes to food processing, enrichment, fortification and preservation, Anthocyanin has the knowledge and a tremendous network of suppliers to help to develop your products. With our tailored solutions and innovative power food, companies gain full control over every aspect of their final product.

The key ingredients..


Flavour Ingredients

Fragrance Ingredients

Natural Colours


Inspiring and memorable meals.

Our Group stands apart as a Flavour Company, in part thanks to our long-standing expertise in natural extraction. Our backward integration strategy allows us to have a transparent access to information at all levels, enabling the definition of common guidelines with producers and a direct access to their production, ensuring a complete traceability for our customers. In this respect, all the flavouring blocks used in our natural flavours and culinary preparations are produced internally.


If you’d like to discuss a project, an application development or just want to find out more about us, feel free to get in touch

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