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Fragrance Ingredients

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural extracts that exhibit the characteristic aroma of a particular plant. Essential oils have their own unique chemical composition and offer a variety of therapeutic properties. Essential oils are volatile liquids distilled from plants parts like seeds, flowers, fruits, stems, bark, roots and leaves. The balsamic and aromatic properties of Essential oils have been used for cosmetics & fragrance, food flavouring & preservation, religious rituals and medical purposes. 

Some of the high-quality essential oils available from Anthocyanin:




Black Pepper






 Dill seed






White Pepper


Lemon Grass

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Our Distillation Facility

Essential oils are defined as essential as they are thought to contain the very essence of the material they are derived from. Raw materials such as plants, spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are mixed with water and heated. The steam from the heating is used to release the top-note volatile, aromatic oils, which are then condensed as the essential oil. The extraction process is gentle; it can require a large amount of plant/vegetable matter to obtain a small amount of essential oil. This is also dependent on the raw material being extracted.


There is a continuing and expanding international demand for herbs, spices and essential oils. Social changes, including food diversification, the desire for new flavours, the increasing importance of “ethnic” food and the increased importance of processed food, which requires condiments and aromatic herbs for its preparation, are driving an increase in this demand.

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Suggested Applications

Perfume Bottles


We offer a wide range of solutions for the seasonings and flavouring industry. Our range of products is available in various specifications as per our client's requirements. Oleoresins of Ginger, Cardamom, Cumin, Clove etc are widely used in seasoning applications.