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Who We Are

Our focus is to provide natural food products that are free of contamination or pesticides across the globe to all market segments. Our professional team with vast experience and in-depth knowledge of current developments in the field help us achieve optimum results, including the most challenging customer requirements.

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a significant, internationally accredited Indian exporter of spices, oleoresins and essential oils by continual improvement in the business technology, up-gradation and standardisation of our products. We aim to optimise the health and wellbeing of customers universally by natural and organic means. We look to achieve this by expanding our range of products and maintaining our high level of commitment and service. We hope to build great partnerships by continuing being hands-on and involved with each and every transaction in order to enhance our liaison with our devoted customers.


Why We’re Different

A fresh “Sense of Essence”. We are passionate about providing impeccable quality products engulfed with freshness in every essence. We take utmost care in ensuring we meet all the statutory and regulatory requirement to guarantee the best in quality and purity consistently. All our products are derived from rigorous research and produced in state-of-the-art facilities under the supervision of total quality management.

Our Customers First

Our main objective at Anthocyanin Naturals is to supply the finest natural ingredients to ensure food safety and quality assurance not only meets but exceeds our customers’ expectation at a market cost. We provide innovative solutions to fulfil our consumer’s needs by improving their quality of life. We encourage customer feedback and promote close collaboration in an open and transparent way to exchange suggestions and ideas.

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High Quality


Our Values


At Anthocyanin Naturals we give great importance to honesty, integrity and fairness. Our culture of innovation and creativity lets us tackle even the most challenging customer requirements. We strongly promote ethical business practice and produce the finest quality products through great teamwork. We consciously participate in continuous learning and improvement of our already existing processes. Our products are assured by thorough manufacturing practices that go by regulatory requirements and international guidelines. We convey our values through our commitment to our customers, employees, stakeholders as well as our environment.

We strive to satisfy our customers’ needs by innovatively use cutting edge technology to create a best-in-class product.

Our Facilities

Our principal facility expands over more than 1,00,000 square feet and consists of our advanced product development department, quality control laboratories and manufacturing space. Our campus is designed & built specifically for producing premium natural extracts. At Anthocyanin Naturals, our quality control department is well equipped with reputed quality instruments and modern analytical machinery that are operated by trained professionals. These attributes allow all orders to be customised as per our customers’ requirements. We take great pride in giving our clients the highest quality products.

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Our Team

We have a team of diverse and skilled specialists that appreciate our organisational values and culture. Every employee in our team is dedicated and is able to contribute their own individuality into perfecting our valued products. We recognise the importance of teamwork and work in collaboration with our transportation unit to ensure that the products we work hard to create also reach our customers time as guaranteed. The work ethic of our talented team of experts makes the whole process, from when we receive an order to when it reaches the customer, run smoothly and allows our organisation to excel continuously.

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