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Our area of expertise. 

We believe in path-breaking technologies in developing a wide range of possibilities for our clients all over the world. We are a group of extraction experts dedicated to providing the best quality products. We welcome you to a world of unlimited possibilities where nature comes to life. Come talk with us to get your custom range of solutions, 

Our principal facility houses more than 1,00,000 square feet of state-of-the-art product development, quality control laboratories, and manufacturing space. Our campus is designed & built specifically for producing the world’s best Natural Extracts. Anthocyanin naturals have always insisted on honesty, integrity, and fairness. A culture of innovation and creativity has always helped us address even the most challenging customer requirements.

 Extraction Facility


This process involves isolating pure extracts and active bioavailable extracts from their herbal sources. We typically do this after harvesting, drying, and grinding the raw materials, after which we also soak them in a suitable solvent that enriches the desirable properties of the molecules that we intend to extract.

The quality of the extracts is highly dependent on the conditions of the environment in which they are processed, so we take care to maintain the correct temperature, pressure, and moisture conditions throughout. After this, we pass the material through a custom-designed filtration system to filter out undesirable impurities. We then evaporate the solvent under carefully managed, low-temperature conditions. This process gives us the crude extract, a high-concentration active compound that can be further purified and formulated to meet customer requirements.

Distillation Facility

Essential oils are defined as essential as they are thought to contain the very essence of the material they are derived from. Raw materials such as plants, spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are mixed with water and heated. The steam from the heating is used to release the top-note volatile, aromatic oils, which are then condensed as the essential oil. The extraction process is gentle; it can require a large amount of plant/vegetable matter to obtain a small amount of essential oil. This is also dependent on the raw material being extracted. Essential oils are typically clear and fine, with minimal color and low viscosity. They provide the delicate, top-note of a flavor.

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