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Creating authenticity

Integrated Solutions are combinations of taste, sense, nutrition and/or healthy ingredients and technologies that, when brought together, bring more value than using the individual ingredients and technologies on their own.

Partner with us and create your signature in the industry for your brands. With our best in class infrastructure and extraction experts, we help you, create your signature flavour & fragrance to stand out. Anthocyanin draws on its passion and dedication to deliver only the finest and most unique ingredients, capturing the true essence of nature in its products.

At Anthocyanin, we strive to make differentiated products that consumers love and we do so by relentlessly focusing on the product functionalities that drive consumer preference in the constantly evolving food and beverage, and nutrition and health markets. While consumers have many new desires and demands, great taste still tops the list. We start with the consumer and our mastery of flavour and taste at the centre. From there we build solutions that incorporate the functional and nutritional ingredients that consumers desire, all while solving the many challenges that arise in our customers’ product development, formulation and manufacturing.

Experience in a wide range of ingredients, from flavourings and essential oils to nutritional, functional and colours has led to the creation of a forward-looking Anthocyanin team focused on your creation needs.

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Man Smelling Wine
Tasty Smoothie

Essence Of Taste

Essence Of Smell

Essence Of Color

Fish Dish

Anthocyanin, Your Complete Naturals Partner...

Using the best solutions from nature, we co-create with our customers to develop a game-changing innovation in food and beverage. Together, we can meet the labelling needs for your brand and customer target.  

working together to bring you the very best from nature

Seasoning Edamame

A wide range of possibilities for a better future

Anthocyanin's commitment to creatively combining maximum health and superior taste is what excels them in the food and beverage flavour industry.  Coordinating flavour experience with flavour composition allows us to achieve accurate sensory perceptions.  Up-to-date with technology and trends, creatively combining health and superior taste, makes Anthocyanin a leading supplier in the food and beverage flavour industry.

  • Natural Flavourings

  • Food Colourings

  • Creating Concept Flavourings

  • Fruit Flavourings

  • Natural Extracts

  • Botanical Extracts

  • Speciality Ingredients

 Ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance

Food safety and regulatory assurance are our top priority and we pride ourselves on understanding regulations and providing support in local and global markets. Our product safety and regulatory experts, with knowledge of all facets of flavour regulations and certifications, as well as kitchen ingredients, will help you navigate the complexities and stay ahead of the competition.

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If you’d like to discuss a project, an application development or just want to find out more about us, feel free to get in touch

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