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Create Your Signature Ginger Flavor

There is no flavor in the world quite like that of ginger. It is hot, zesty and biting yet sweet and warm. Ginger is quite pungent and spicy with a very slight woody flavor that lends a certain mildness to its overall flavor profile. This particular ingredient is as aromatic as it is flavorful.

Ginger is increasingly popular in Europe. Anthocyanin Naturals saw this trend coming early on and offer a unique ginger preparation, flavors, extracts and new concepts for the food and beverage industry.

We offer ginger flavor in liquid as well as in spray-dried form, to meet individual demands for the different applications. Natural ginger flavors and ginger extracts complement the Anthocyanin portfolio. The standardized ginger preparation has constant spicy taste intensity, regardless of batch fluctuations.

The refreshing taste of ginger is ideal for use in carbonized soft drinks, beer mix and energy drinks but also harmonizes with still drinks and tea beverages as well as syrup. In the food segment, Anthocyanin presents innovative product concepts for confectionery and ice cream with an interesting taste profile.

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