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Creating Sense Of Colors

Anthocyanin Naturals has manifested appreciable improvisation on methods and technologies in producing quality food colours. The technologically superior manufacturing plants with high productivity enable us to produce food colours of supreme quality.

Through a gentle manufacturing process, we transform intensely colored fruits, vegetables, and edible plants into vibrant, high-performing color solutions for a wide range of food and beverage applications. Anthocyanin coloring Foods are trusted by the world’s largest and most demanding food and beverage manufacturers. Our solutions are completely natural and 100% plant-based. Anthocyanin Food Colorings meet consumer’s demands on clean- and clear labeling.

We are a company at the edge of technology and this means following the finest practices in quality management. We have a multi-layered quality control system that begins right at the farming stage

Cushioned by magnificent experience and performance, we have been recognised as a leading manufacturer and exporter of food colours based in India, and still, we leap forward to achieve and perform more for clubbing Anthocyanin with food colours around the planet.

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